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Color palette for the small bathroom. 8/7/2017

The white color is undoubtedly the classic solution for decorating the small bathroom as it exlarches it optically. However, if you want to give more character and personality to the room, you can bet on wall cladding and flooring in more daring colors. Here are some ideas for owners of small bathrooms who prefer a more colorful interior.

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The beauty of the monocolor bathrooms 7/28/2017

Whether you dream of a luxurious bathroom equipped with the latest trends or prefer a room with a soothing atmosphere, the choice of monochromatic color scheme can be a great starting point for your idea.

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Interior solutions for the bathroom in yellow and blue 7/5/2017

Typically, a major renovation of the bathroom is not so common, so when it comes to a complete renovation of the room, it is important to take the time and consider appropriate options for the new color palette and design. The choice of bathroom colors is an individual one and depends on whether you are willing to follow the latest trends or prefer to bet on traditional and classic combination of colors. 

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Kitchen tiles in different styles 6/23/2017

You probably do not suspect how easy it can be to  refresh and modernize the interior of the kitchen simply with new ceramic flooring. Whether your kitchen is suited in a modern, rustic, vintage or eclectic style, you will hardly find it difficult to find a model that fits perfectly into the decoration.

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