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Color palette for the small bathroom.

The white color is undoubtedly the classic solution for decorating the small bathroom as it exlarches it optically. However, if you want to give more character and personality to the room, you can bet on wall cladding and flooring in more daring colors. Here are some ideas for owners of small bathrooms who prefer a more colorful interior.


The ferocious radiation of the yellow color will bring a sense of coziness in the small bathroom, decorated mainly in white. If you've chosen a brighter shade, use it as an accent color - you could for example stick one of the walls in the bathroom with alternating wide horizontal strips of white and yellow tiles. The most stylish effect will be achieved if you are lining the wall on which the washbasin and mirror are located. Besides refreshing the small bathroom, the yellow-white horizontal strips will create the illusion that it is wider.


This captivating dark color can completely transform the little bathroom, giving it style and refinement. Tiled with anthracite tile, the walls in the bathroom are a perfect backdrop for furniture and sanitary equipment in white and accents in bright tones. Decorated tiles with geometric elements or exquisite floral motifs in white and anthracite shades give you the opportunity to create accented areas on the walls that enrich the color palette and bring texture to the interior.


Though not as bright and daring as the red, the coral is eye-catching warm color that makes it possible to create a unique atmosphere in the small bathroom. Balanced combined tiles in white and coral are an excellent choice for lining the walls in the bathroom. Although coral belongs to bright colors, it can be combined harmoniously with many colors, such as light blue, pale gray, creamy, beige and sandy shades.

Dark Violet

If you've decided to tile some of the walls in the bathroom with dark tiles, but those in black or anthracite seem too bold, you can bet on dark violet or purple wall tiles. This stylish color combines flawlessly with white and gray. The composition of wall tiles in white and dark violet can be complemented by mosaic floor tiles in gray shades to achieve a sophisticated balanced decor.


Gray is a suitable color for small bathrooms because it has discreet radiation and combines harmoniously with many other tones. A great choice for the small bathroom are gray wall tiles and porcelain tiles with marble design. Decorated tiles with floral or geometric motifs in gray tone are the original solution for shaping wall accents in the bathroom.

Mint green

This cool refreshing green variety is ideal for a small bathroom, as long as you choose wall tiles in lighter mint shades. With mint-colored wall tiles combined with white porcelain flooring, white cabinets and white sanitary equipment, you can achieve a light airy interior that creates a sense of lightness and more space.

Light blue

The pale blue shades are an excellent choice for the color of the wall lining in the bathroom as they predispose to relaxation. If you put on wall tiles in a light violet-green color, porcelain floor tiles with wood design in cool earth tones and waterproof solid wood furniture, you will achieve an incredibly refined spa look in the small bathroom

Royal blue

With this sophisticated shade of blue, moderately embedded in the decor of the small bathroom, you can give a luxurious look to the room. Top the top half of the walls with one-color tiles in royal blue, and in the bottom select white tiles. On the floor, you can apply tiles with geometric pattern in white and dark gray to balance single color wall tiles ‘areas. Add a cabinet in  white and high mirror with a wide white frame that will contrast effectively with the dark blue wall tiles.

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