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How to bring a spa feel to the bathroom

Spa procedures help to relax your body and mind and recharge them with new strength and energy. Here are some tips on how to give a spa feel to the bathroom.

If you want to create a soothing spa atmosphere in your own bathroom, lay on floor and wall tiles in with color and decoration, which incite feeling of relax. Once you have chosen the appropriate flooring and cladding, consider the other elements of the bathroom design that will help create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Here are some tips on how to give a spa feel to the bathroom.

Choose tiles with memorable decoration

Wall tiles are an essential element in the interior of each bathroom, and when you are looking to bring a spa feel into the room, the design of the walls becomes even more important. Choose a the wall tiles to be with an original design or an unusual texture that you think will contribute to the relaxing atmosphere. Some would prefer bathroom tiles with abstract décor, while others would prefer pale colors and fine floral motifs. No matter what are your views about spa lining in the bathroom , among the variety of attractive series of wall tiles that we offer, you will undoubtedly find the most suitable for you series.

Stone washbasin

Natural stone and wood are materials that are preferred for bathroom furnishings with a spa atmosphere. Bet on a washbasin with a stone tile to create a specific touch to the spa-specific nature in the bathroom. Whether you prefer a stone sink in light or dark color, it will fit impeccably in the spa look of the bathroom.

Choose accessories with an original design.

To give spa feel to the bathroom, it is not enough just to renovate the flooring and the walls. Choose mixers with a sophisticated design for the sink and shower, the shape and color of which blend harmoniously with the decor of the bathroom tiles. The cabinet fittings and the bathroom accessories must also be selected so that they fit in the spa context

Keep the bathroom stacked and clean

Furnish the bathroom with the most necessary sanitary equipment and furniture and try not to clutter any excess items in it, as the free space in the room is a basic prerequisite for achieving a soothing atmosphere. However, the bathroom does not need to be minimalistically furnished. Traditional or provincial-style bathrooms can also be a spa experience, as long as you put on light-colored wall tiles and furniture and wood flooring as well as choose the right accessories.

Ensure sufficient storage space in the bathroom

To keep the bathroom clean, you need to have a cupboard and open shelves where you can arrange toiletries, cosmetics and towels. All items that you hold in the open compartments of the cabinet or on the shelves must be carefully arranged with precisely folded towels to achieve a complete spa vision of the bathroom.


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