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How to give a stylish look to the bathroom with black tiles

How to give a stylish look to the bathroom with black tiles

With a cleverly designed black bathroom, you can achieve a remarkable interior. If your bathroom is small and you have decided to place black tiles on the floor or walls, you need to think more about this. Excessive use of the black color can optically make bathroom to look smaller. Here are some techniques for how to use black in the decor of the bathroom.

Bright tone

Use white, light beige or pale gray as the primary color in the bathroom interior, and in black choose the details. Stylish bathroom décor can be achieved if you put on black tiles with a white joint and the lower half of the walls are lined with white rectangular tiles. For the upper half of the walls you can choose tiles with floral or geometric pattern in black and white to break the uniform look of the other surfaces in the bathroom. Bet on white sanitary equipment, a simple mirror with a black frame, lighting fixtures in a black and black door to give a finish to the interior with a balanced two-color range.

Original details

The key to achieving a harmonious bathroom design, in which black is the dominant one, could be the choice of graphic print, such as black floor and wall tiles, decorated with fine geometric ornaments in white. The light patterns on the tiles add to the interior and lighten the visual weight of the black color. White sanitary equipment with a clean design complements perfectly such decor. Several cleverly selected accents in bright colors and similar geometric motifs will add color to the dark interior.


Create an illusion of more space in the small bathroom by installing a chandelier with three or four bodies and a lamp on both sides of the mirror on the ceiling. Reflected from the glossy black wall tiles, strong light will soften their color and give a sense of visual ease to the dark interior.


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