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Interior solutions for the bathroom in yellow and blue

Typically, a major renovation of the bathroom is not so common, so when it comes to a complete renovation of the room, it is important to take the time and consider appropriate options for the new color palette and design. The choice of bathroom colors is an individual one and depends on whether you are willing to follow the latest trends or prefer to bet on traditional and classic combination of colors. The tiling of the bathroom in blue and yellow is a classic solution that brings freshness and energy even in the most unpretentious interior as long as you achieve the perfect balance between the two colors.

Experiment with different shades and styles

The yellow-blue transformation of the bathroom can be done in a variety of interior styles. Coastal style is an excellent choice for this color palette. To create a modern look of the bathroom and a soothing spa atmosphere, choose wall and floor tiles in bright turquoise shades combined with soft yellow tones.

When choosing the colors for the floor and the lining in the bathroom you do not need to restrict yourself to the classic sky-blue and warm yellow. Instead, you can bet on more unusual variations of the two colors to achieve an unique interior. The blue-gray and light-yellow is a stylish combination that adds sophistication to the interior. With wall tiles in bright greenish blue tones and yellow joints, you can create an accent wall in the bathroom to serve as a spectacular backdrop for the mirror, the washbasin and the wood decoration cabinet.

When decorating the bathroom in rustic style, you can also place a palette in yellow and blue by selecting more saturated shades of both colors. Dark yellow retro bathtub with legs and dark blue rustic cabinet combined with pale yellow wall tiles and porcelain tiles on the floor in warm brown-red tones is an interior solution that successfully recreates this charming style in the bathroom.

Focus on accent in blue and yellow

If you choose the traditional palette of blue and white for the bathroom and you've decided to add a yellow color to it, you can easily achieve it with accents. Yellow towels or a yellow auxiliary table near the tub can serve for this purpose. If you want to create a more balanced color contrast, place a yellow washbasin or bath.

Use bold color contrast

If the pale blue and yellow palette is too unpretentious for your taste and you prefer a more colorful bathroom color scheme, you can bet on wall tiles with glossy surface in the dark shades of both colors. The glossy lining of the walls in dark blue and golden yellow can turn the smallest bathroom into a room with unique spectacular interior. This approach is an excellent strategy if you seek to achieve an eclectic or bohemian vision of the bathroom. The darker the nuances of blue and yellow, the stronger the contrast will be, which will add a bold look to the bathroom.

Choose tiles with fine scenery for the walls and floor

The blue and yellow colors fit perfectly into bathrooms, the interior design of which is Mediterranean, Tuscan or Moroccan. With floor and wall tiles in rich shades of both colors, richly decorated with exquisite motifs and accents in golden tones, you can create an unique and exotic atmosphere in the bathroom. 

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