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The beauty of the monocolor bathrooms

The beauty of the monocolor bathrooms

Whether you dream of a luxurious bathroom equipped with the latest trends or prefer a room with a soothing atmosphere, the choice of monochromatic color scheme can be a great starting point for your idea.

With skillful decoration in the shades of a single color, even when they are muted, you can give the bathroom a first-class vision. Monochromatic bathrooms, lined with tiles in dark colors, conquer their bold and modern appearance. Wall and floor tiles in light shades on the other hand can turn the bathroom into a spa oasis with a soothing atmosphere.

Monocolor bathroom in black

The bathroom full of black tiles will undoubtedly get a memorable look. To soften the visual impact of the black color, lay on wall tiles with a glossy smooth surface that reflects the light, as well as a large mirror and luminaires to provide maximum illumination of the room. If the bathroom is small, you can choose oblong rectangular black tiles for the walls and lay them horizontally in the "brick masonry" style to achieve the illusion of a wider room. The fine white joints between the wall tiles will highlight the geometric pattern without disturbing the overall monochromatic appearance of the walls. An excellent solution for the floor of such a bathroom would be mosaic black tiles with small fragments.

Monochromatic bathroom in bright color

Not everyone would like a bathroom with walls, completely tiled with bright colors. However, if you are fond of more colorful scenery, you could bet on your favorite bright color. Wall-to-ceiling tiling with orange-orange tiles will create an incredibly fresh atmosphere in the bathroom, even if you have a simple model and a standard right-hand drive. This color is the perfect choice for a small bathroom. Place a compact sanitary equipment in white, and on the wall behind the sink, mount a wide rectangular mirror that will visually increase the volume of the room. To balance the bright orange color, choose a chocolate tile for the floor. Effective geometric pattern on the floor will break the uniform appearance of the wall lining in straight lines

The monochromatic bath can also be decorated in a cool color, such as juicy green. With this fresh barrage, you can generously cover both the walls and the floor. Mosaic tiles with small square fragments are ideal for the purpose. Wrap on white sanitary equipment, a transparent glass screen for the shower area and cabinets with mirrored doors or light wood decoration.

A delightful monochromatic bathroom in the sky blue can be achieved if you lay on the walls and floor tiles with a mosaic design that includes small squares in several different shades of color. Minimalistic white sanitary equipment and a simple transparent shower enclosure without a frame are the ideal choice for such a bathroom as they do not visually load the interior and allow the blue mosaic surfaces to become the dominant element of the decor.

Monochromatic bathroom in white

Selected for a basic interior color, the white color gives the bathroom a fine classical charm. Small white wall tiles laid in nonstandard pattern on the walls and a wide-format white porcelain flooring are a stylish combination that you can enhance if you bet on gray joints. Sanitary equipment must undoubtedly be in white, and wash basin and shower mixers can be chosen in black to create sophisticated graphic decor.

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