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Sophisticated interior with ceramic and porcelain tiles. 16.03.2017

Stylish interior of the bathroom can be achieved without significant financial costs. Due to the diversity of possible interior solutions made feasible with the use different design patterns of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, decorating the bathroom and other rooms in the house becomes an exciting challenge, even when you have a small budget

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How to visually enlarge a small bathroom 02.03.2017

The bathroom areas in most of the living spaces are relatively small. If there is a possibility to expand the room physically, a potential re-construction would inevitably spend quite some time and money.

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How to personalize the bathroom with red 10.02.2017

Not everyone is willing to bet on red color in the interior design of your bathroom. This color however can impart vitality and distinctive character of the interior- something that  can be hardly achieved with other colors. 

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Porcelain and floor tiles with wood design 17.01.2017

In recent years, a trend gaining popularity in flooring and wall coverings are ceramic products that recreate the beauty of natural wood and achieve perfect imitation of parquet or wood paneling.

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