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Cozy home in the winter! 12.12.2017

Each season brings its mood, inviting us to enjoy it. With the coming of winter we want our home to be a cozy place, that creates a feeling of warmth and peace, as soon as you enter in it.

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Multiface concept 15.11.2017

Multiface concept represents tiles with same design but different sizes, that successfully reproduce the nuances of stones in nature.

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Combination of three different structures with identical size. 27.09.2017

The Multisize models with three identical sized but different structured tiles, achieve the effect of multi-dimensional surface, compiled by the many sizes in different variations.

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Color palette for the small bathroom. 07.08.2017

The white color is undoubtedly the classic solution for decorating the small bathroom as it exlarches it optically. However, if you want to give more character and personality to the room, you can bet on wall cladding and flooring in more daring colors. Here are some ideas for owners of small bathrooms who prefer a more colorful interior.

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