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How to use psychology of colors when designing your kitchen? 21.12.2016

Changing particular elements in the kitchen, dining room or the bedroom, can also significantly change the way we are influenced by the interior when entering any of those rooms.

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Create your stylish living space with ceramic tiles and porcelain 05.12.2016

The combination of ceramic tiles and porcelain adds on to the comfort and the diversity at your home. The tiles are offered in different styles, sizes and colors.

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Instructions for cleaning and maintenance of Ceramic tiles. 09.09.2016

Instructions for cleaning and maintenance of Ceramic tiles:

• Routine cleaning - by washing with water or adequate detergents for cleaning ceramic surfaces. It is recommended that detergents used contain concentration of acids and bases up to 3% and do not contain abrasive particles.

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Requirements for installation. Materials. Tilers 09.09.2016

Always make sure:

• The surface coating to be clean, smooth and free from dust, not smudged with greasy substances;

• To require the installer to check the manufacturer's instructions before work commence; to check the quality of the tiles before installing them. This check is necessary for several reasons:

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